• Full automatic and manual light deprivation
  • Greenhouses
  • C Channel and Wiggle Wire
  • Light Traps
  • Fans
  • Clips and hardware
  • Chain pulls and automatic boxes
    and motors
  • Lights
  • Nutrients
  • Soil
  • Trim machines

Blackout Material with 99.9% light block @ 36, and 48 feet wide in any length with a 5 year warranty

Solarig Greenhouse Material @ 36, 42, and 48 feet wide in any length, at a 5 year warranty.

Solarig’s premier greenhouse cover - Solaroof 172 - is at least 10 times stronger than conventional polyethylene film, providing greater durability and a high percentage of diffused light for increased crop yield. Made of woven plastic, this material carries a six-year warranty and will not tear in wind storms even when punctured.


• Solaroof 172 AF & IR

• Six-year limited warranty

• Solaroof 140 AF & IR

• Four-year limited warranty

• Six-year limited warranty when used as the bottom layer with Solaroof 172 AF & IR as the top layer



The light transmission of Solaroof averages 88 percent, comparable to traditional poly films, and a high rate of diffused light about 45 percent. Diffused light provides these benefits:

  • Increased photosynthesis and crop yield
  • Reduced burning of plants
  • Greater comfort in the greenhouse
  • Less evaporation and less water used for irrigation



An anti-drip coating directs condensation to the edges of the greenhouse and reduces the incidence of fungi and diseases.

IR additives provide insulating qualities for warmer nights and cooler days in greenhouses

UV-blocking agent reduces incidence of pests and disease.


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