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We offer greenhouses from 20×40 to 30×100 with fully automated or manual light deprivation systems. Our custom built Greenhouses are catered to suit any style and size, and it is our primary focus to exceed your expectations. When creating your custom build we take every detail into consideration, from fans and light traps, to solaring and blackout materials in 36’, 42’ and 48’ widths. Whether you are looking to enhance your existing greenhouse, or are looking to build from the ground up, we have the largest inventory of all the parts and tools to ensure that the quality of your next harvest will amaze you!

All Light Deprivation Greenhouse Kits Come Standard With: 1⅜” Galvanized Steel Frame • Solaring Clear Anti-Drip 12 Mil Woven Poly with 6 year manufacture warranty • Manual Chain Pull • 12 Mil Woven Black Out Kit wit 5 year manufacture warranty • Manual Crank Roll Up Sides • Framed Black Out Ends • 8′ x 8′ Swinging Tractor Door • All Lumber/Stakes • Hardware • Wiggle Wire • Instructions

Extra Options Available:
Automation Kit
Breathable Walls
Light Traps
Support Trusses
Side Wall Extensions
Black Out Kits


Watch your plants flourish! We carry several lines of nutrients for all growers. Whether you’re a hobby or commercial grower, we have the expansive inventory to provide the nutrients that your plants crave. We also offer commercial drop ship accounts to help larger growers increase efficiency and save money!

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As industry leaders, Gregerson Greenhouse knows the importance and power of cutting edge agricultural lighting. Armed with over 40 years of experience Nanolux is the forerunner of innovation, and offer the best lighting systems available today. We are proud to offer Nanolux’s superior products, and offer lightning fast delivery from helpful and genuine people.

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Cut down your feeding time with one of our 275 gallon Feed Tanks. Each tank is equipped with 1hp stainless steel pumps which run off of 120 ac, and have an in-line pressure switch and check valve. Depending on hose length, feeding time is between 11 and 17 gpm.

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We want to help you save money! If this is your first greenhouse, or you are an experienced commercial grower, it is our goal to ensure that each customer is matched with the highest light deprivation system for any budget. Not only do our products cost a fraction of other systems on the market, our quality and dedication to your satisfaction is unparalleled. We make sure that structural plans and engineering is available on all of our greenhouses. Easy permitting. Quick Installations. From start to finish, we work with you directly to provide the best product and experience possible.

Hand trimming can be messy and end up costing a lot of money in scissors or clippers that need to be replaced due to wear and tear.  When it comes to automated harvesting solutions, we only use the best.  GreenBroz automated trimmers get the job done.

We also carry Fabric Pots in the store!  Fabric pots are great for growing healthy plants.  They are the perfect alternative to heavy clay or ceramic pots.  A lightweight solution like Fabric Pots not only give your plant the best environment to grow in, but they are machine washable and one of the most eco-friendly solutions for growing!